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El testamento del Dr. Mabuse (Edición especial) [USA] [DVD]

El testamento del Dr. Mabuse (Edición especial) [USA] [DVD]

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Disc 1. The Movie: Inspector Lohmann receives a phone call from Hoffmeister, an old member of the Police Department, to report a counterfeiting matter. But he suffers an attack that drives him completely mad before he can reveal the details, incapacitating him as a witness. Inspector Lohmann's investigations soon lead him to the famous criminal Dr. Mabuse. However, Dr. Mabuse lies in a psychiatric clinic locked up for years... This is the asylum of Dr. Baum, an eminent psychiatrist fascinated by the genius of Dr. Mabuse and by his legacy: a kind of testament detailing the way to the institution of the Empire of Crime. Thus, the director tried to present the ideas exposed by the Nazis in the mouth of a crazy man, warning the public of the imminent threat that Hitler represented and which later became reality. Nazi Minister of Information Joseph Goeblels considered the movie as a manual for terrorists against the government and prohibited it for endangering public order and security. Disc 2. Extras: Synopsis, Technical Sheet, Artistic Sheet, Documentary: The motives and themes of Mabuse, includes interviews with Fritz Lang (30 min), Documentary: Norbert Jacques the literary inventor of Dr. Mabuse

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